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Optimise Your Marketing Performance Skilfully With Real-time Partner Analytics Data


Businesses have high growth goals and fewer resources right now

You’re tasked with driving customer acquisition and requiring more from your budget as ad prices rise and effectiveness declines. Partnerships can drive the most efficient revenue growth for any business, but you need the right technology to manage it all. We get it— brings it all together by automating the entire partnership lifecycle.

Say goodbye to click fraud

And enjoy these benefits along the way

Outsmart Competitors

Gain an advantage by staying informed about your keyword bidders with our latest competitor alerts. Observe their ad content and monitor their daily ranking.

Save money 24 / 7

Our round-the-clock automated safeguards against ad and click fraud ensure your budget is safeguarded from wasteful spending on impressions.

Improve Ads

Replay recent user mouse interactions on your website, pinpointing pain points to enhance user experiences. Our algorithms leverage this data to detect and combat click fraud effectively.


Every business is unique, just as fraud varies. Our tailored features guarantee an elevated level of click fraud filtering. Benefit from Geo-Targeting, Device Detection, Custom Thresholds, and more, all designed to meet your specific needs.

Get insights

Gain entry to your robust click fraud reporting dashboard, where you can scrutinize the specifics of every click and oversee your campaign's overall health. Retrieve valuable information including browser, time, device, location, ISP, keyword, and more.

Get refunds

Navigating the intricate process of submitting a Google Ads refund can be challenging. Rest assured, our dedicated support agents are here to assist you in filing a request with Google when you meet the eligibility criteria.

Friend or Fraud - Can't tell the difference?

The digital world is ever evolving. Where new markets and consumers are on the bright side, the underbelly of digispace is also filled with bots and fraudsters. Sadly, partner marketing campaigns often run into the risk of being hijacked by malicious agents. The result - high investment costs and botched up performance. Before bad turns to worse, level up your fraud shields with the latest tech in the field!


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