Mobile Marketing

We design a mobile marketing strategy targeting mobile device users to download an app. Marketing mix would include in-app, m-web and various mobile DSPs. We are also delivering UAC, App install campaign on Facebook/Instagram and YouTube.
  • Push Notification: Keep your website visitors engaged and informed with push notifications that can be sent directly to their device even when they are not actively using your website.
  • App based marketing: Leverage mobile apps as a platform for advertising and promotion to reach customers where they spend a lot of time - on their mobile devices.
  • MMS marketing: Engage with customers who prefer visual content over text by sending multimedia messages (such as images, videos, and audio files) to their mobile device.
  • In-game marketing: Reach a highly engaged audience by advertising within video games, using in-game ads, sponsored content, and other targeted marketing strategies.
  • Location based marketing: Target customers with relevant marketing messages based on their physical location using geofencing technology and other location-based targeting strategies.